Wayne Lai recently reiterated his previous statement about his acting career – that is he will be choosier with his projects.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was seen at FILMART promoting his new TVB drama, “No Return”, shared that he has to be more selective now that he is soon to enter the big 6-0, seeing that he has also started having physical issues.

“But I will not give up on acting. I am happy to still have the opportunity to perform, and it proves that I still have value,” he said.

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The actor will be turning 60 this May

Wayne also said that he does a lot of live broadcasts nowadays, saying that the pay for one day of live work is better than filming a drama.

“I have to keep pace with the times. So, I will shoot some short films and put them on social media platforms as a form of a show… Now there are many channels for everyone to develop,” he said.

(Photo Source: Wayne Lai IG)