If there is one thing that co-stars Nancy Wu and Wayne Lai can agree on, it is that filming their new drama, “No Return” was truly a challenging time.

As reported on Mingpao, the two stars, who attended FILMART to promote the upcoming series, spoke to the media of their filming experience, with both stars saying that it was hard due to the rush nature of the shoot and the number of scenes that they had to complete.

“The most unforgettable part was doing the sunset scene with Nancy in a paddy field. Because the drive was so far and it has to be completed within one day, we were running around chasing sunset,” he said.

As for Nancy, the actress said that she even lost a lot of weight from filming the drama last year, adding that it had been a long time since her weight dropped below 50kg.

“We would be filming until late at night and we had a lot of scenes, over 400, and the dialogues are very long. I admired Wayne’s memory and even asked him how he could digest such long dialogues and still act well,” she said.

“No Return” is the fourth instalment of the “Rosy Business” franchise, which originally starred Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. However, Sheren has decided not to make a comeback as the lead actress, and was replaced by Nancy.

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Nancy Wu replaces Sheren Tang in the lead

(Photo Source: Nancy Wu IG, TKWW)