Actors Wang Po-chieh and Hsiu Chieh-kai were among others who were questioned by the police after getting involved in a fight at a KTV.

As reported on Mingpao, Hsiu was revealed to have injured the corner of his left eye in the fight, while Wang has various injuries on his body, as they were taken to the police station for questioning alongside three others.

Taipei Police revealed that they received a call in the wee morning of 6 March saying that there were people fighting at a KTV in the Daan District. They were told that Wang and Hsiu’s friend, surnamed Lin, had an argument with a man they never met before named Chen in an elevator. And that the latter then went to the karaoke room used by the three friends to attack Lin.

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Hsiu says that he was beaten for no apparent reason

Hsiu and Wang suffered the injuries when they tried to restrain the said man.

Speaking to the media after leaving the police station, Hsiu, who is also the husband of actress Alyssa Chia, stated that he was beaten for no reason but that he is doing fine. It is reported that the friends were at the KTV to celebrate his 41st birthday.

He also said that he was confused as to how the conflict even started but that he had cooperated with the police.

(Photo Source: Wang Po-chieh IG, Hsiu Chieh-kai IG, Mingpao)