Vivian Koo recently expressed frustration over being attacked by netizens for recording Firdhaus Farmizi’s song, “Gulf of Alaska” for the ending theme of the TVB series, “Happily Ever After?”

The issue sparked after Firdhaus, a Malaysian singer, revealed that he didn’t know that his song was being covered by Vivian for the drama, and only found out about it from netizens. The revelation brought many of his fans and netizens alike to Vivian’s social media, where they blasted the singer for “disrespecting the original”.

Vivian, who appeared at the promotional event of the said TVB drama, said that she has no knowledge when it comes to the copyright issue.

“I am only responsible in singing the song. My record label entrusted me to sing the song, so I sang it. As for the copyright issue, I have no right to interfere. People accused me of stealing, but what did I steal? I didn’t do anything,” she lamented.

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The song was originally written, composed and sung by Firdhaus

Meanwhile, drama producer Lincoln Lam explained that filming of the drama completed in August 2022 and they received authorisation from the copyright distribution company to use the song during that time.

“Other matters are not within my scope. My scope is which company the song copyright belongs to, and then negotiate the copyright and confirm that the song can be used as an interlude,” he said.

As to whether they should explain that to the original singer, Lincoln said that it should have been made clear by the distribution side.

(Photo Source: Vivian Koo IG, Firdhaus IG)