UNIQ’s Sung-joo is finally coming clean about his status, revealing that he is indeed married and already has a child.

In a statement released on Instagram on 3 March, the singer apologised to fans for the sudden news.

“In life, there are decisions that require all your ability and I have made a very important choice in my life, that is, I have chosen to get married and have a child,” he said.

As for his reason for finally confirming the rumours, Sung-joo said that he wanted to share his happiness with everyone.

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Oops, the cat is out of the bag

“Although it’s late, I’ll tell you honestly, as a devoted father and husband, I’ll walk beautifully in the coming days with my precious family,” he added.

It is noted that fans have been speculating about his status following several instances, including one where he played a recording of his fellow UNIQ member Li Wenhan singing happy birthday to him during a livestream with fans.

The singer was flustered upon realising that the video ended with Li asking, “Is your son not asleep yet? Come, let me hug you.”

(Photo Source: Sung-joo IG)