Zanilia Zhao’s new fantasy drama is set to air soon.

As reported on Sohu, on 10 March, the news was announced that the actress’ new drama, “The Legend of Shen Li” will be released on 18 March, with the actress playing the titular lead.

The project also marks her second collaboration with Lin Gengxin, who worked with Zanilia in “Princess Agents” in the past.

Aside from playing the lead, Zanilia is also producing the drama, which meant that she has more freedom to make choices.

The drama tells the story of Shen Li, the queen of the demon world who chooses to flee after being forced into an arranged marriage. After falling into the human world, she was bought by Xing Zhi (Lin), who is actually the last god of the Three Realms in his previous life.

In related news, Zanilia recently won the AFA Next Generation honour at the Asian Film Awards.

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Zanilia Zhao receives this year’s Next Generation Award at the Asian Film Awards

(Photo Source: Zanilia Weibo, Asian Film Awards IG)