Steven Cheung has been slammed by netizens after he resorted into “begging” for money in order to make ends meet.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the former Sun Boy’z member recently took to Instagram Story to plead for financial assistance from followers by sharing his QR Code.

He wrote, “I know this is not a wise decision, but I have really reached a point where I can’t hold on anymore. After this month, everything can return to normal, so I really beg you all to help me.”

Meanwhile, wife Man Man also took to social media to express her concern about their financial situation, saying that she doesn’t know how to go on.

It is noted that the infamous couple have shared about their financial issues many times, with Steven having had to pay his many creditors after he was found to have borrowed a lot of money from multiple women prior to him marrying his wife.

Recently, they have also discovered that their eldest son has autism, which has made the financial burden heavier.

However, his decision to ask for help from fans has been slammed by many, with netizens saying that he has to earn money through his own effort rather than beg from others on social media.

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Despite financial woes, Steven and Man Man went on to have four children together in five years’ time

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung IG)