Qiao Renliang’s family is upset over some social media users “reviving” their son via AI.

As reported on Oriental Daily, several Douyin accounts have recently been using AI technology to bring back deceased celebrities in fake videos, including Coco Lee, Godfrey Gao, and singer-actor Qiao Renliang, who died in 2016.

After the clips went viral online, his father recently took to social media to ask for parties involved to take down the videos, saying that the family felt very uncomfortable with it.

“They did not ask for our consent. It was my niece who saw the video and sent it to me. This is just exposing old scars,” he said.

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The AI version of Qiao went viral on Douyin recently

Following his father’s statement, netizens flooded the comments section of these Douyin users, saying that they have offended the dead’s loved ones and accused them of taking advantage of the deceased.

Meanwhile, one of the Douyin users who produced videos of these celebrities had since deleted almost all of the videos, and stated that he will no longer respond to fans’ requests to do these videos.

Also known as Kimi Qiao, the late actor, who had worked in dramas like “Cruel Romance”, “Stay with Me” and movies like “Days of Our Own” and “Never Gone”, was found dead in his apartment in Shanghai in September 2016. The police later confirmed that he died of suicide after struggling from depression stemming from cyberbullying.

He was 28.

(Photo Source: Qiao Renliang Weibo, Kwong Wah)