A good Samaritan recently picked up a wallet she found on the side of the road, and was surprised to find that it actually belonged to a top Taiwanese star.

As reported on Oriental Daily, a woman recently went to Facebook to share that she has found a wallet at the intersection of Baoan Road and Huanhe in Yonghe district in New Taipei City, and that it has the owner’s health insurance card bearing his name and face.

While she did blur the private information, the photo on the card was clear, with the surname “Lan” clearly shown. Many then took to the comments to suggest that it belongs to the Taiwanese actor Blue Lan.

Passerby finds wallet on the street belonging to Blue Lan, celeb asia, blue lan, theHive.Asia
The pedestrian shows the ID card inside the wallet

She then stated that she has sent it to the police station for safekeeping. The police later revealed that Blue himself had come to collect the wallet about 30 minutes later.

The actor had since confirmed it, writing on Facebook, “Thank you for your enthusiasm. I have received my wallet and the missing documents that were found. I am really grateful to everyone. Thank you.”

(Photo Source: CNA, Oriental Daily)