Thai actor Winai Kraibutr, most famous for playing the lead in the horror movie, “Nang Nak”, has recently passed away.

The news was confirmed by his wife Orachanya Kraibutr via social media, saying that the actor died peacefully in Saimai Hospital in Bangkok after battling bloodstream infection and low blood pressure.

She also expressed gratitude to fans and friends for their love and support.

It is noted that Winai had been fighting the rare skin condition and autoimmune disease bullous pemphigoid for five years prior to his passing, and was forced to stop accepting jobs because of it.

Said Orachanya, Winai’s condition began to deteriorate on 15 March, and that he lost consciousness two days after.

Rising to fame in the late ’90s, Winai was known for a slew of hit movies including “Nang Nak”, “Bang Rajan” and “Queens of Langkasuka”. He was 54.

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Winai was most known in Asia for his performance as Mak in ‘Nang Nak’

(Photo Source: Khaosod, IMDb)