Louisa Mak and Keith Shing are now married.

The two were revealed to have held a three-day wedding that started on 23 March in three different locations, including a wedding banquet at the Tai Tseng Ng Uk Tsuen Estate in Yuen Long.

The couple can be seen in their traditional Chinese attire at the wedding held on 23 March, as they toasted the guests before the banquet started, with Louisa saying in her speech of how grateful she is to join Keith’s big family.

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The couple making their speeches

She also joked about having husband Keith work hard so that they can create the next generation.

When Keith asked if she wanted a boy or a girl, Louisa smiled and replied, “Both are fine.”

On the wee morning of 23 March, the actress also posted a prenuptial video of her and Keith in their wedding attire.

“Here we are. Just enjoy the moment, and that’s what makes it perfect,” she posted.

(Photo Source: Louisa Mak IGKeith Shing IG)