After her low-key wedding with husband Brian Sze in December last year, Karena Ng revealed that another reception will be held in the middle of 2024.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at a fashion brand event on 6 March, shared that the wedding will be held in Europe in the summer, and that she has no plans to lose more weight to prepare for the reception.

“I already lost a lot of weight before going to Paris Fashion Week earlier after suffering from gastroenteritis. If I lose more weight for the wedding, I will be too thin,” she said light-heartedly.

As to the notion that she is slimming down to prove that she is not pregnant, Karena said that she has nothing to say to that and that she has no plans to have a baby for the time being.

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Karena and Brian tied the knot late last year

On the other hand, the actress said that the European wedding will have a more casual theme, though only 30 to 40 percent of the preparations have been completed. She has also yet to choose a wedding dress.

Asked if her husband would help her pick, she responded, “Men’s beauty standards are a bit hard to understand. You should handle beauty matters by yourself.”

(Photo Source: Karena Ng IG)