Joe Chen recently took to social media to express her confusion over perplexing rumours surrounding her marriage to Malaysian husband Alan Chen and their baby plans.

On 10 March, amid tabloid reports that the actress is allegedly pressured to give birth by her in-laws, the actress expressed, “Having been in the entertainment industry for 22 years, I have always been confused by the ridiculous remarks made by these marketing accounts.”

Joe said that she might have cried upon reading such news in the past, but that nowadays, she just questions whether there is anybody who would believe such a thing and if such a career of “talking nonsense” should exist.

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Joe with husband Alan

Although she has the biggest respect for mothers, whom she said are “superhuman”, Joe stressed that people have choices in life.

“To me, everyone has the right and freedom to choose the lifestyle they want, because you can only live once. Because this body is yours, you have your own thoughts and soul. I am about to be 45 years old. I touched my heart and listened to the voice in my heart saying, I really love the person I am right now. I am very comfortable, and I love this freedom that comes from the bottom of my heart and dares to be honest. As a woman, I think you should always put your own feelings, your own body, mind and soul first,” she posted.

Joe said that having children is not her priority and that she doesn’t think her life would be incomplete if she doesn’t have a baby, and added a TLDR that read, “I’m having a great time. It’s none of your business whether I have a baby or not, oops.”

(Photo Source: Joe Chen IG)