Fan Bingbing recently stated that she has no plans to play any characters that require her to act younger than her age.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who sat down for an interview recently, expressed her belief that most actors and actresses in Europe or Hollywood only reach their most valuable age at 40.

She then frankly added that if she is asked to play a young girl in a costume or idol drama, and to wear wings and such, it would be deemed unsuitable.

“I would feel embarrassed and the audiences will feel embarrassed as well,” she added.

However, Fan seemed to have sparked speculations among netizens with her statement, with many saying that the actress seemed to hint at Zhang Ziyi, who played a 15-year-old version of her character in “The Rebel Princess”.

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Zhang Ziyi was criticised for playing a teen version of her character in ‘The Rebel Princess’

(Photo Source: SINA, Fan Bingbing Fanpage IG)