Eric Tsang is defending the name of the new boy band recently formed from the reality show “Asia Super Young”, despite it being made fun of left and right by netizens.

The TVB Executive, who was asked about LOONG 9 and the homophonic jokes that came with the name, acknowledged the questions and ridicule since the announcement, but stressed that it was a good publicity for the group.

“As long as it creates a discussion around it, it is considered a success,” he said.

Eric also stated that he doesn’t mind about the jokes that come with the name, saying that he hopes to prove that the name is a blessing with the success of the group.

“Why did Jackie Chan named his movie ‘Project A’ in the past? He just named it for the sake of it. But now everybody remembers the title,” he added.

LOONG 9 consists of Ollie, Ely, Archie, Kong Son Hei, Liang Shi Yu, Albin, Sean, Hugo and Felix.

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Nothing can change his mind about the name

(Photo Source: HK01, Mingpao)