The production of “Love on the Turquoise Land” has finally started filming, and simultaneously revealed its two leads.

Eight months after she filmed her drama, “Sword Rose”, Dilraba Dilmurat returns to the set to shoot the series alongside fellow lead actor Chen Xingxu.

The drama began filming on 19 March, with Dilraba playing the role of Nie Juoluo, a descendant of an ancient army sent by Emperor Qin to look for the elixir of youth.

Despite her beauty, she is actually an assassin who specialises in killing with her blood-raised sword who has no interest to save the world. It was not until she met Yantuo that she gradually learns to protect.

The casting has already received mixed reactions by fans of the original novel by Wei Yu, with many saying that the drama seems to focus more on the superficial looks of its leads instead of the strong image depicted in the novel. Others questioned the fact that Dilraba is four years older than Chen, which they believe is not a good match.

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Fans of the novel were not amused by the production’s focus on the actors’ looks instead

(Photo Source: SINA)