Chapman To recently announced that he is making his acting comeback after six years of hiatus.

The actor shared the news on Facebook with a screenshot of a social media post after he won Best Actor 11 years ago for “Diva”, and wrote, “I woke up today and turned on my phone, and this Facebook post popped up about me being lucky enough to be promoted as best actor 11 years ago.”

“The last acting role in my memory was probably ‘G Affairs’ in 2018, playing a villain, a policeman who does all kinds of evil. That role was easy because there were so many references to reality,” he said.

Chapman said that he stopped acting after coming to Taiwan and focused instead on managing his platform and business, forgetting his “main business” of it all, that is acting, despite receiving offers from various Taiwanese productions.

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Chapman won the Best Actor award 11 years ago

“I recently received another script. I thought it was very creative, the character was interesting, and it was my favourite kind of villain, so I accepted it. Anyway, I have been stuck in writing my own script recently, and my brain is blocked. Acting out other people’s plays may give me some inspiration. I hope everyone can cooperate happily and smoothly. My first Taiwanese TV series, I’m looking forward to it.”

However, the actor made no mention as to the title of the TV series.

It is noted that Chapman attained Taiwanese citizenship in 2022 after moving to Taiwan in 2020 amid being banned by China over his support for the Sunflower Student Movement and Umbrella Movement against the CCP.

(Photo Source: Chapman To FB)