Playing the female lead for the first time in a drama, Yoyo Chen admitted that she was very nervous and worried when she read the script of “Happy Ever After?” for the first time.

The actress, who spoke about the upcoming series, said that just reading the synopsis made her want to cry, and that she even had to cry throughout the whole day during filming.

“I was really exhausted by the time I reached home after we finished filming. Not only that I lacked sleep, I also could only eat two meals when I was busy. But it was worth all the hard work,” she said.

As to why she said yes to the project, Yoyo said that she really liked the script and that she wanted to collaborate with Him Law again after they worked together in “L’Escargot” back in 2012.

“We are more experienced since then and we were equally moved by the script, so it was a very fun and exciting collaboration,” she said.

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The drama requires Yoyo to cry a lot

The drama presents four major chapters in the story: divorce, infidelity, wrong love, and rebirth. It explores infidelity, relationship, and many topics related to marriage to show the reality of relationships and marriages and understand human nature’s contradictions.

(Photo Source: Yoyo Chen IG, HK01)