Wang Yibo’s management, Yuehua Entertainment is threatening legal action against those who disseminate false information about the actor’s health condition.

Recently, rumours went viral on mainland social media platforms that a male star born in 1995 has been diagnosed with AIDS and is now receiving treatment in Beijing. The rumour stated that the male star slept with two foreign models, who turned out to have AIDS. 

While the rumour made no mention of the artiste’s identity, somehow many speculated it to be “The Untamed” star.

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The actor’s management company sent out a stern warning

In response to the allegation, Yuehua Entertainment released a statement online, saying that they will no longer tolerate this kind of fake news and will take legal measures to protect their artiste’s reputation.

“Our company staff went to the police station to report the matter on 20 February 2024. Our company strongly condemns the illegal behaviour of maliciously fabricating facts and slandering artistes, and will seriously investigate the publication and dissemination of slander,” they added.

(Photo Source: Wang Yibo Weibo)