IU is set to release her upcoming new song, “Ssh…” and fans are excited upon finding out that Tang Wei is also part of the music video.

On 13 February, the actress posted the teaser of the said MV on her social media, which has her sitting and waiting in a car in one scene, and sitting and starring at IU in another.

“S is H’s mother. H is S’s friend. There was a story about S and H,” she posted.

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Tang Wei appears in IU’s MV

As for the reason why she decided to star in IU’s music video, Tang Wei, who had never appeared in any music-related videos in the past, said, “The reason is simple. I like IU. Like everyone else, I love her talent, personality and songs. Although this is my first time appearing in a music video, I am happy to shoot it with IU.”

She also admitted that she has learned a lot during filming.

It is noted that the song, which is part of IU’s mini album “The Winning”, also features Hyein and Joe Won-sun. The full music video will be released on 23 February.

IU is releasing her new mini album soon
IU is releasing her new mini album soon

(Photo Source: IU IG, Korea Times)