Having played only serious characters in recent years, Nick Cheung admitted that he would love to one day return to comedy.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the gala event of the comedy movie, “Table For Six 2”, stated that he would love to make a comeback to the genre but is worried that people would expect him to play another character like Dragon in “The Conman” (1998).

In “The Conman”, Nick plays the role of Dragon, a small-time gambler who admires gambling expert King (Andy Lau) and becomes his apprentice and partner.

“It is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and I am afraid it will be too difficult to surpass,” he said.

Nick added that he will have to think carefully before making his decision when it comes to comedy.

“If there is a comedy that everyone likes and that would feel fresh to me, I would like to make it,” he added.

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Nick stars alongside Andy Lau in ‘The Conman’ (1998)

When asked if his daughter watched any of his old comedy movies, Nick said that she hasn’t watched some of his films and refused to comment about his performances. However, her friends did watch his old movies and would sometimes send her clips of him playing the role of Dragon.

“She is busy with studies, so she doesn’t even watch my films. When asked what she is doing, she doesn’t answer, and she doesn’t even watch my wife’s works. She likes to listen to more music,” he added.

(Photo Source: HK01, ST Headline)