Keiko Kitagawa has given birth to her second child with husband, singer DAIGO.

The news was shared via their official website and social media on 30 January, with the model saying, “My second child was born a few days ago, a boy. Thanks to everyone, both mother and child are healthy. To everyone and related people who always support me, thank you very much for your support before I gave birth.

“I am exploring a new life as a mother of two. I hope the whole family can support each other. Please take care of me in the future,” she added.

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The couple tied the knot in 2016

As for DAIGO, the singer wrote, “Although it is a private matter, please let me report to everyone that our second child was born a few days ago. Both mother and child are healthy. I have become a father of two children.”

Keiko and DAIGO got married in January 2016 and announced the birth of their daughter in September 2020. The couple announced the second pregnancy in September last year.

(Photo Source: SOHU, Tokyo Hive)