Both Kai Ko and Amber An’s camps have dismissed rumours that the two are now in a relationship.

As reported on Mingpao, rumours of romance between the two sparked recently, after they were photographed at a nightclub in Xinyi District together and left the place while holding hands.

Sources claimed that Kai was also holding out cash and arrogantly throwing money around.

In response to the rumour, Kai’s manager stated that Kai and Amber weren’t alone, and that there were many friends that went with them at the time.

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Amber says she and Kai Ko are just old friends

Amber also responded through her rep, “It is rare for everyone to take a break during the Lunar New Year. It was just a gathering of friends. We have known each other for a long time and are old friends.”

Meanwhile, Kai took to social media to clarify all the rumours, saying that he held Amber’s hand as they left as he didn’t want to lose her in the crowd.

As for claims that he was throwing money, he wrote, “Who would throw money randomly on the road? The cash was to treat everyone at the scene with a shot. Those who are there will know the atmosphere at the scene. Those who are not present can only write it with a pen! Happy New Year, everyone!”

(Photo Source: Kai Ko IG, Amber An IG)