“Pegasus” director Han Han wants to focus solely on the promotions of the sequel, “Pegasus 2” before thinking about movie number three.

Han Han, who helmed the hit 2019 movie and also the upcoming sequel that will be released in celebration of the Lunar New Year, stated that he just hopes that the second film will do well at the box office first.

“Of course, I hope we can continue doing this title forever, but I also would rather not shoot a movie just for the sake of continuance. We all work together. There are so many outstanding actors, producers and main creators. I am still very happy about it and I hope it will have a good ending,” he said.

When it comes to cooperating with actors, Han Han praised everybody’s performances, including first-timer Fan Chengcheng, whom he said was able to get into the groove on the second day of filming.

“Everyone’s performance was much better than what was written in the script,” he added.

The first film, which stars Shen Teng, Johnny Huang, Adam Fan among others, tells the story of Zhang Chi, a fallen racer turned driving school teacher who finds himself facing challenges when he decides to return to the racing world to challenge the younger generation of competitors.

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The movie sees the collaboration of original stars and new additions

(Photo Source: China Daily, Far East Films)