Fan Chengcheng recently admitted that he was very nervous about working with his onscreen partner, Yang Zi.

As reported on WJ, the singer-actor, who co-stars with Yang Zi in the currently airing series, “Love Endures”, said that he is both elated and pressured about working with the actress as her acting skill is very much recognised by everyone.

“But I will continue to put pressure on myself in hopes of giving better emotional feedback to my screen partner and create more chemistry between our characters,” he said.

Speaking about their collaboration, Fan said that the two actually shared similarities despite their eight-year age gap.

“We’re very talkative. We have become very good friends with the crew. We like to talk and make each other laugh. A lot of fun things happen every day,” he said.

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Fan Chengcheng and Yang Zi star in ‘Love Endures’

In addition to working with an experienced actress, Fan, who is also the brother of actress Fan Bingbing, said that the backdrop of the post-90s generation also made it quite difficult for him as he was born in 2000 and does not have much memory of the era.

“It was difficult to resonate with the era. Which is why I did a lot of homework before filming started,” he added.

(Photo Source: Babyu)