Eliza Sam recently revealed that she has plans to return to acting someday.

The actress, who has been on hiatus since giving birth to her second son in 2021, said that her two kids are growing up and that she has slowly started working again.

“Once my kids are in school, I will be able to get back to work. I can even do dramas again. My husband has given me the greenlight,” she said.

When asked if her kids will be sad to see their mother going back to work, Eliza said, “I will think about it later. In fact, I will cherish the time spent with children even more when I am working. When I go to work, my husband will fully help and take care of them for me.”

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Eliza is mum of two kids

Eliza was last seen on the small screen playing the lead in TVB’s 2021 drama, “Plan B”. Married to non-showbiz husband Joshua Ngo, she announced her second pregnancy in February 2021 after giving birth to her first son Jacob in 2019.

(Photo Source: Eliza Sam IG)