Andy Lau recently opened up about his secret marriage to Carol Chu, saying that he never thought it was such a big deal at the time.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who secretly married his Malaysian girlfriend and now wife in 2008, recently spoke about the brouhaha surrounding the decision in an interview to promote his new movie.

The actor stated that he saw how a lot of artistes from previous generations kept their marriage a secret and didn’t even announce the birth of their children, and thought that he could do the same as well.

It is noted that Andy married Carol in the United States in 2008, but it only made the news the following year after the death of Carol’s father. As soon as the news of his marriage came out, it immediately became a huge controversy that he never expected.

Netizens had since shared their own opinions regarding Andy’s decision following the interview, saying that it was his personal affairs and that he has the right to keep it private.

Another stated that the paparazzi in the past is even scarier and rude then, and that it was right for Andy to protect his wife.

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Andy had been dating the Penang-born Carol for many years prior to their marriage

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fanpage IGMingpao)