Zhou Dongyu and Jiang Qinqin have been nominated Best Actress at the upcoming 2024 Asian Film Awards.

Zhou, who plays the role of the dissatisfied tour guide Nana in Anthony Chen’s “The Breaking Ice”, is nominated for her performance in the movie, while Jiang gets nominated for her performance as Wu Taihua in “Dwelling by the West Lake”, a tea-picker who finds herself caught in a pyramid scheme.

The two stars will be facing competition from Korean actress Jung Yu-mi (“Sleep”), Japan’s Rinko Kikuchi (“YOKO”), and young “Trouble Girl” starlet Audrey Lin, the latter who became the youngest actress to win Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards last year.

The winners will be announced on 10 March at an event held at the Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District.

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Anthony Chen’s “The Breaking Ice” is selected as Singapore’s submission to the Oscars for Best International Film

(Photo Source: Zhou Dongyu IG, Anthony Chen IG, The Icon China)