Zanilia Zhao won fans’ hearts recently when she decided to promote her movie with sign language.

Zanilia, who plays a hearing-impaired person in the new movie, “Article 20”, attracted netizens’ attention when she used her newly learned skill to introduce herself and asked fans to go watch the movie.

She also received praise from Xiaoshi, a hearing-impaired social media influencer, who stated that Zanilia did very well and that she was happy that the actress played the role.

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Xiaoshi also expressed hope that Zanilia’s social influence would allow the hearing impaired community to be more valued by people.

“Article 20”, directed by Zhang Yimou, tells the story of prosecutor Han Ming (Lei Jiayin) who is involved in a difficult case where the intentional injury of people is turned into a legitimate defence.

Watch Zanilia’s new skill:

(Photo Source: Zanilia Weibo, Zanilia FC IG)