Wayne Lai couldn’t wait to return to Malaysia for his upcoming prosperity concert that is scheduled to be held in March.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who hasn’t visited the country for four years, admitted that he misses Malaysian food the most, and plans to get his hands on all the delicacies, from laksa, roasted chicken wings to durians.

“Malaysian durian is very good. I hope this time I will get to eat it again,” he enthused.

Wayne also stated that he will also bring his wife with him this time and that they will go look for delicious food together.

Wayne will bring wife to Malaysia
Wayne will bring wife to Malaysia

Meanwhile, the actor stated that he had just finished filming “Rosy Business 4” and that he is taking a little rest from filming for the time being. Instead, Wayne said that he will do more brand events and rehearsing for the concert.

(Photo Source:  Wayne Lai IG)