If the mainland paparazzi have a talent, it would be the ability to make even the calmest celebrity angry, as what happened when they swarmed upon 24-year-old TFBOYS’ captain and singer Wang Junkai (also known as Karry Wang).

The singer was about to leave for Paris, France for a fashion show on the morning of 17 January when proxy photographers, those who profit from selling celebrity photos, suddenly joined in with fans at the airport for a chance to snap photos of Wang, resulting in a hullabaloo.

The scene at the airport was very chaotic that at one point, Wang was stuck in the crowd and couldn’t move, while other people were pushed down.

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The singer was on his way to Paris Fashion Week when he was accosted by the paps

Angered by the situation, Wang, who finally made it to the security check area, couldn’t help but turn around and spat, “You guys are photographers. Can’t you take any responsibility? Don’t you have any ethics?”

The situation was recorded on video, and had since turned viral. Fans of the singer and netizens alike all agreed in putting their blame against the paparazzi, and called for the boycott of proxy photography.

(Photo Source: Karry Wang Junkai FC IG)