Vivian Chow doesn’t want to leave Hong Kong too much nowadays, and that is because of her “little babies”.

No, not real babies. Her fur babies, to be exact.

In a recent interview at a brand event in Taiwan, the singer revealed that she is rushing back to Hong Kong after the event, and explained, “I miss my cats very much. One of them is still sick. I hope to go home soon. My husband said that they seem to have no motivation when I am not home.”

Vivian stated that her three cats, Zhu Pi, BB and Mike are older now, which meant that she would rather not leave them and travel too far.

“Nowadays, when I go to work [away from Hong Kong], I rely on my husband to take care of them,” she admitted.

Asked if husband Joe Nieh would lose motivation just like her cats when she’s away, Vivian laughed and said, “He is fine. He can have the cats all to himself. He sends me many photos of them with him every day.”

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Vivian’s New Year’s greeting on IG is with her beloved cat

(Photo Source: Vivian Chow IG)