KinKi Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto has tied the knot with Kanako Momota of Momoiro Clover Z.

The news was announced by the couple in a joint statement that read, “We would like to announce that Tsuyoshi Domoto and Kanako Momota have tied the knot. We wish for world peace and we’re very grateful.”

“We would like to cherish every day of our lives in the future, and we pray from the bottom of our hearts that everybody will always have peace,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi also thanked fans for their continuous support, and expressed, “I hope to continue the happy time spent with everyone.”

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News of their marriage delighted fans

The news came as a surprise to fans, as Tsuyoshi and Kanako have never announced that they were dating. However, the two have known each other for a long time, with Momoiro Clover Z having appeared alongside KinKi Kids on their show, “Shin Domoto Kyoudai” in 2012.

(Photo Source: Kanako Momota IG, Mingpao, Family Club)