Stephen Chow recently announced that he is working with Douyin to develop and operate a 9527 Theatre playlet project.

The title is revealed to be a collection of high-quality miniseries, with the first one, called “Golden Pigs and Jade Leaves” to be launched in May via the said platform.

Sharing the good news on IG Story on 29 January, Stephen wrote the words “9527 Theatre” on the white board that is often seen in his Instagram posts. In his second IG Story post, he shared a comic-style poster for the aforementioned title, which depicts the characters from several of his hit movies including “The God of Cookery” and “The King of Comedy”.

Stephen Chow to helm “9527 Theatre”

According to reports, “Golden Pigs and Jade Leaves” is produced by Stephen Chow, and will have several A-list actresses participating. It aims to make the audience laugh easily and face life with a more uplifted spirit.

It is noted that the number 9527 is synonymous with Stephen. It first became known through the 1993 movie, “Flirting Scholar”, in which his character was named “9527” after he smuggled into the Wah family to be a servant. He had since used it in several of his films, with many believing that the number is a phallic-related homonym of some sort.

Stephen Chow to helm “9527 Theatre”

(Photo Source: iNEWS, Variety, Oriental Daily)