They used to play a couple in the past, which is why Simon Yam found that it was a little challenging when his former leading lady Carrie Ng now plays his mother in the new movie, “Deliverance”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the promotional event of the movie alongside the actress and other cast members, stated that cooperating with Carrie, his co-star in “Police Cadet ’85”, was the most unforgettable part of working in the film.

“We often played a couple in the past, but this time she plays my mothers. I was taken aback a little. No one can take her place as the sexy goddess. I never expected her to play my mum,” he said.

At the same time, Simon praised Carrie’s performance in the movie, saying that her acting skills can be “put into textbooks”.

Simon Yam stars in ‘Deliverance’
Simon Yam stars in ‘Deliverance’

In the movie, Simon plays the role of the eldest of four siblings, who tries to help his younger sister Nicole (played by Summer Chan) who is still traumatised by the memory of their mother (Carrie Ng) who died 15 years prior.

Through hypnosis sessions with him, the trauma that the family sustained will reawaken once more, leaving Nicole and her brothers scrambling to find some sort of closure to a wound that continues to weigh them down.

(Photo Source: IMDb, Mingpao)