Amid speculations that Shawn Yue and wife Sarah Wang might be getting a divorce, a fan recently shared a photo which proves that the two are still very much together.

As reported on Epoch Times, rumours of a change of status between the two sparked after Shawn decided to clear his Instagram account earlier this month, leaving only three photos including a photo of his son playing on a basketball court.

He wrote, “Reset and restart. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.”

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Shawn deleted all photos from his IG except for three photos including this one

While some began to express worry that the action meant that he is erasing all photos and memories with his wife, others were more optimistic after seeing that both Shawn and Sarah still followed each other on the said platform.

However, a fan recently further solidified this by sharing a candid photo of Shawn and Sarah with their kids on social media at the same park where he posted his son’s photo.

The fan wrote, “I saw Shawn Yue and his family in the park. What a blessing!”

It is reported that the only reason Shawn cleared his Instagram was due to his OCD, and that he wanted to unify the photo filters and rearrange the layout.

(Photo Source: Shawn Yue IG, Sarah Wang IG)