Rumours are rife that Ryoko Hirosue will be marrying Michelin-starred chef, Shusaku Toba this year.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Japanese actress, who announced her divorce from husband Jun Izutsu in July last year after admitting her affair with the said chef, reportedly has been messaging Shusaku privately and avoided being seen together.

Now sources are saying that the two are waiting for the right time to get together, and hope to get married in 2024. The soonest, they said, may be in summer.

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Ryoko and Shusaku Toba were seen together at a hotel back in May

It is noted that the Japanese paparazzi broke the story about Ryoko’s extramarital affair back in mid-2023, which much to everybody’s surprise, the actress admitted to soon after. With the affair made public, the actress had since lost several endorsement deals and had her image severely damaged by the revelation.

She and husband Jun later announced their divorce, with Shusaku revealing that he and his wife have ended their marriage in November.

(Photo Source: Ryoko Hirosue Fanpage IG, Mingpao)