Singer-songwriter Penny Tai can’t wait to return to Malaysia, not just for her concert but to unite with her family as well.

The Segamat-born performer, who will be holding her Drift World Tour in Malaysia on 3 February, shared that she will go directly back to her hometown in Johor to celebrate the Chinese New Year following the concert.

When asked what she misses the most after having been away from her home country for three years, Penny said that she is most eager to see old friends and family.

“While my songs have accompanied everybody over the years, I felt like everybody has also been accompanying me. I have a connection with them through their feelings and thoughts when they listen to my songs,” she said.

Asked what she would do once she’s back, Penny said, “I want to just send time with my family. I missed the Hakka Lei Cha that my mother makes the most.”

Another thing she is looking forward to doing when she returns home is to help her mother take care of the small garden that her mother planted by the house during the pandemic.

“My mother has many flowers and plants, and it also attracted swallows to build nests, so you can even see swallows in the small garden!” she added.

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The upcoming concert will be held at the Arena of Stars in Genting.

(Photo Source: Penny Tai IG)