Mickey Huang’s agency has debunked rumours that the TV personality has recently passed away.

As reported on Epoch Times, a Facebook community page recently claimed that Mickey had died on 8 January, saying that the Taiwanese TV host was rushed to the hospital before he was declared dead.

In response to the reports, his agency Dapeng released a statement that read, “Thank you for your concern. Mickey Huang’s physical and mental condition are very stable, and the rest are just rumours. For more than half a year, he has continued to reflect, kept a low profile and stopped working, and worked hard to take care of and update himself for his family and friends, and he will not waste everything at will.”

“Please do not disseminate the rumours. However, as this continues to cause you inconvenience, our company hereby apologises and corrects it,” the company added.

Mickey was most recently seen in wife Summer's New Year post
Mickey was most recently seen in wife Summer’s New Year post

Wife Summer Meng also slammed the hoax, posting on social media, “If the content has already stated that it is a rumour, why publish it then? I don’t understand this logic. Isn’t that just spreading the rumours further?”

(Photo Source: Summer Meng IG, Mickey Huang FB)