Chinese actress Meng Ziyi recently took to social media to apologise for her performance at a recently held New Year’s Eve event.

As reported on Sohu, on 31 December, Meng joined other stars including JJ Lin, Wang Yuan, Jane Zhang, Ele Yan, and Wakin Chau as part of the Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve Concert that was held at the Galaxy Arena in Macau to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the New Year with millions of viewers.

However, when the group of artistes performed together the song “Let Me Be Happy, Let Me Be Sad” on stage with original singer Wakin Chau, Meng can be heard singing with the rest, albeit offkey.

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The actress’ offkey singing had everybody criticising

Despite going out of tune, her voice could be heard clearly, sparking criticisms from netizens, who accused her of ruining the song.

A few hours after the performance, “The Untamed” star posted her apology on Weibo, writing, “I’m sorry, Brother Wakin. I’m sorry everyone. I really tried my best. Happy New Year!”

Fans took to the comments to console the actress, with one writing, “It’s okay. You’re already great. Keep up the good work in the New Year.”

(Photo Source: Meng Ziyi Weibo, Meng Ziyi Fanpage IG)