Lee Na-eun has denied rumours that she is dating Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Lee Kang-in, Yeonhap reported.

On 2 January, a Korean news outlet reported that Kang-in met the former girl group April member several times in November last year and confirmed that they were spending time together.

According to reports, Na-eun visited the Yeouido Hotel in Seoul on 14 and 15 November, where the Korean national football team’s accommodations are located, and met Kang-in.

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The media also reported that on the 17th of the same month, Kang-in visited the apartment near Na-eun’s apartment in Guri City, Gyeonggi province and spent time with her.

In response, the actress’ agency Namoo responded “The two are acquaintances. They are not in a relationship.”

However, the agency kept mum and did not explain whether Na-eun and Kang-in actually did meet or for what reason.

(Photo Source: Lee Na-eun IG, Lee Kang-in IG, All Kpop)