Kingdom Yuen has recently dismissed rumours that she has retired from the entertainment industry.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who hadn’t been in any new projects for a while, stated that she has not retired so much as to not have filmed anything for a period of time.

“Not filming allows me to have more time to do other things. But with the upcoming Lunar New Year, I have been quite busy. Aside from doing live broadcast in mainland China, I am also hoping to start a health-related channel,” she said.

Kingdom also stated that she hopes to bring the live broadcast industry to Hong Kong.

At the same time, Kingdom couldn’t help but share that she has been bestowed the title of princess by the Mindanao Tribal Governance in the Philippines, jokingly adding that all Muslim countries will now have to address her as Princess Yuen and that her husband has to bow down to her.

“My real name is Yuen Lai King, and it contains the word “king”. So, I rewarded myself with a crown,” she added lightheartedly.

Kingdom showed off the proof that she is now a ‘princess’
Kingdom showed off the proof that she is now a ‘princess’

 (Photo Source: Mingpao Weekly)