Karena Ng recently made her first appearance since she got married, where she dismissed rumours about her supposed pregnancy.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at a brand event on 10 January, laughed when referred to as “Mrs Sze”, saying that she is still not used to the title.

When asked about the pregnancy rumour, Karena, who showed off her slim figure in a sleeveless top paired with a black skirt, stated that she just gained a little weight when the viral photos of her with husband Brian Sze’s family was taken.

Fuelling the speculations further, she said, was the fact that she and her group of friends and relatives had food poisoning the day before the wedding ceremony, and that she powered through her big day after that.

“After the wedding banquet, I just went to the hospital for an injection. It was really unforgettable,” she said.

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The couple tied the knot in December last year

Karena also said that the food poisoning caused her to vomit on the day of the wedding registration, and it had caused misunderstanding among relatives and friends who thought she was indeed pregnant.

“But I wasn’t able to eat like normal for five days after the food poisoning situation, so I lost all that added weight. Now my bulging belly is gone, so no one should doubt about a pregnancy anymore,” she said.

Asked if she has baby plans, the actress said that her husband did not pressure her and that she would love for them to spend more time as husband and wife for the time being.

 (Photo Source: Karena Ng IG)