Although she lost to Audrey Lin at the Golden Horse Awards, Jennifer Yu is happy that she is finally recognised by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society, which named her Best Actress for their 2023 awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who won for her performance in “In Broad Daylight”, shared with the media that she is happy to finally win an award after being shortlisted Best Actress five times throughout her career. Jennifer plays a journalist investigating on elder abuse in the movie.

“I am so happy to win this award. It is a great affirmation. Everyone at the Film Critics Society is very professional. Everyone has seen so many movies and they all think it is a good role and a good performance. Being able to receive this award this year is a great motivation for me and tells me to work hard in the future,” she expressed.

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Jennifer was nominated at the Golden Horse Awards but lost to Audrey Lin

She also took to Instagram to express her elation, writing, “When I saw the 8 words ‘Best actress Jennifer Yu’, I was lost for words. In addition to being happy and moved, my heart keeps asking, ‘Is it true?’ It’s an affirmation to be recognised by a group of professional film critics. Thanks to everyone on the team… How lucky I am to meet you guys.”

Meanwhile, Wu Kang-ren bested Tony Leung to win Best Actor for his role in “Abang Adik”, Jonathan Li won Best Director for “Dust to Dust”, and “Mad Fate” was named Best Film.

(Photo Source: Jennifer Yu IG)