Jason Zhang’s camp has recently denied rumours that the singer was lip-syncing during a performance at the Jason Zhang’s 2024 Anhui TV Spring Festival Gala programme.

As reported on Sohu, the allegations came from several netizens online, claiming that the actor didn’t perform live during the recording of the programme, and accused Jason of not willing to sing live at big events.

In response to this, Jason’s studio refuted the rumour and warned the public of the consequences of defamation.

Anhui TV has also released a statement regarding the allegations, saying that the claims infringed upon Anhui TV’s rights and the singer’s reputation and that they strongly condemn it.

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The singer’s camp sternly refutes allegations of lip-syncing

“Mr. Jason Zhang participated in the party recording event on Anhui Satellite TV on January 12, 2024, which included four songs. All rehearsals and recordings were real live performances. The songs were used by Satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival Gala respectively. There is no so-called “additional recording” and there is no “lip-syncing,” the statement read.

“Anhui Satellite TV advocates respecting the work of singers and all staff, and will work with all platforms to increase rights protection and hold relevant entities accountable in accordance with the law. Internet platform users are requested not to make untrue remarks.”

(Photo Source: Jason Zhang Weibo)