Inez Leong has denied the notion that she was proving to people that you can run a marathon during pregnancy, after she did so recently at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024.

The model and wife of actor Tony Hung recently shared her experience of running while being 30 weeks pregnant with her second child, saying that she completed the 10km run in about an hour and four minutes, which was obviously slower than her previous record.

“My mentality is to participate wisely, ran easily and enjoy the blessing of a child in me. Please forgive me if anyone had to give way to me. Thank you very much for that,” she said.

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Anything is possible with hubby Tony Hung’s support

However, Inez, who is also a fitness coach, shared that she is not saying that every pregnant mother should be able to join a run, but that she did it to encourage mothers to continue doing what they love as long as their bodies allow them and they understand their physical conditions.

“Doing appropriate exercises, walking, yoga, pilates, etc. within your own ability can definitely relax a pregnant mother. I believe that the baby will be healthy. Every mother’s body is different. We must be the ones who know our own physical condition best. Keep walking together, keep supporting each other,” she added.

(Photo Source: Inez Leong IG)