Remember that time when Hu Ge suddenly deliberated on retirement? Mainland netizens are now speculating that it might have something to do with his Wong Kar Wai drama, “Blossoms Shanghai”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Chinese heartthrob recently sat down for an interview, where he spoke about collaborating with the Hong Kong movie auteur for the drama on and off for three whole years.

The long cycle, said Hu Ge, truly affected all the actors and that everybody was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion both physically and mentally.

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Wong Kar Wai takes a long time to finish his project

“I thought that Wong would only direct a few episodes himself and leaving the rest to group directors. But he was very hands-on and paid attention to all the details. He would direct almost every scene himself, and we would often say in private, ‘how many hours does he sleep every day?'” said Hu Ge.

The actor, who admitted that he admired the filmmaker’s dedication, added that working in the series was more than just acting, but was like attending a filmmaking academy.

Fans who saw the article couldn’t help but joke that Hu Ge might have had his “retirement” breakdown while he was filming with Wong, who is notorious for filming for such a long time.

In a previous interview, the director himself admitted that Hu Ge was quite hesitant on taking on the role, even telling Wong that he might not even have time for his baby while doing the drama.

Hu Ge looking mighty smart in ‘Blossoms Shanghai’
Hu Ge looking mighty smart in ‘Blossoms Shanghai’

(Photo Source:  Hu Ge Weibo, Wong Kar Wai Fanpage IG)