Gin Lee is elated to win Best Female Singer at the Metro Radio Hits Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who spoke to the media after the event, stated that she has worked hard in 2023 and released many good songs.

“There has been no rest. So, to have such a good result at the end of the year is like being honoured for the year’s hard work,” she said.

The Malaysian singer also stated that she is most grateful to her colleagues and team who have always been there for her and given her a lot of support.

Gin Lee thrilled to win Best Female Singer at Metro Radio Hits Awards, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
Gin wins Best Female Singer Award!

Asked if she is confident about getting a Grand Slam now that the music awards season is on, Gin said, “Hopefully. I have done everything I have to do. I have put in the time, effort and energy. I have no regrets. Now I am just waiting for the results.”

Aside from winning the said accolade, her song “Attention” was also named one of the hit songs.

(Photo Source: Gin Lee IG)