Emme Wong revealed that her son has no interest in the arts and that she is happy about that.

The singer and actress, who is married to “Shaolin Soccer” actor Danny Chan, shared that son Chan Tsan has seen how hard his father works and has said that he doesn’t like singing, dancing or even acting.

“He said he only likes sports and science. I hope it’s true,” she said.

As to why she was happy to hear her son say that, Emme said that being in the entertainment industry is hard.

“I would rather my son develops in the creative or scientific field,” she added.

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Emme, Danny and son Chan Tsan

On the other hand, Emme said that she is planning to open a restaurant.

“Since our kid is almost eight now, I can take the time to do what I want to do,” she added.

As to whether she will return to singing, Emme said, “No more singing. Everyone has their own things they yearn for at different times.”

(Photo Source: Emme Wong IG, Mingpao)