Eddie Peng recently declared that he seriously would like to leave his state of singlehood this year, thank you very much.

The Taiwanese actor, who appeared alongside Gordon Lam and Andy Lau in Hong Kong to promote their new movie, “I Did It My Way”, said that he has been urged to get married and would love to do so just like everybody else, but that there is “no market”.

Asked if he has a girlfriend or if he has a preference, Eddie said, “Right now I just focus on the promotions and go with the flow. At my age, I don’t have that much preference. The most important thing is to be able to communicate. But it’s difficult to meet the opposite sex in the current working environment.”

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Eddie co-stars in ‘I Did It My Way’ with Andy Lau and Gordon Lam

As to whether he would prefer a sporty woman seeing that he is into sports, Eddie responded, “It’s good if you can ski. Exercise is good for your health.

He then immediately turned to the camera, laughed and said, “I welcome everybody.”

On the other hand, when co-star Andy was asked why he didn’t introduce anyone to Eddie, he also laughed and responded, “I have never been a matchmaker.”

(Photo Source: Eddie Peng IG, Mingpao)